Women in the age group of 18 years and above.

Singly or in joint names. The first account holder must belong to entitled group

  • Including salaried employee (Govt./ PSU/ Private Sector/ MNC etc.)
  • Self Employed Professionals like Doctors, Entrepreneurs etc.
  • Women with independent source of regular income like rentals etc.

AQB Criteria


Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) of Rs.5000/-

AQB shall be calculated for AMJ, JAS,OND & JFM

quarters (e.g. AMJ stands for April, May, June)

Opening of Account/ Minimum Daily Balance


No Daily Minimum Balance Requirement

However customer has to maintain Average QuarterlyBalance (AQB) of Rs.5000/- or above, therefore AQB Clause to apply

Charges for Non Maintaining Minimum Balance/AQB


No Penalty for Non Maintaining Daily Minimum Balance

  • In case of Non maintenance of AQB of Rs.5,000/-
  • Penalty will be levied as under:
  • SB A/cs with cheque book facility:
  • Penal charges: Rs.89/- + S.T. per quarter at all centres
  • SB A/c without cheque book facility:
  • Penal charges: Rs.54 + S.T. per quarter at all centres

Charges for excess debit entries in Savings Bank account ATM / INTERNET transactions not to be counted / reckoned

  • Up to 10 Customer induced debit entries a month : FREE
  • Beyond 10 debit entries : FREE
  • (It is charged for other customers)

Personalized Cheque books per calendar year


50 Leaves (Free)

Issuance of DD/Pay slips


6 DD Per Quarter Free if AQB in the preceding quarter is maintained at Rs.10000/- and above else, DD charges applicable