Credit Cards – FAQs


How to apply for a credit card?

Submit a duly completed and signed application form to the Branch. Make sure your KYC documents are verified.

Am I eligible for Credit Card?

The criteria for issuing Credit Card are –
It can be issued to any individual of Indian origin
Any individual of Indian origin Resident / Non Resident Indians/persons of foreign origin residing in India on employment.
The CIBIL credit score should be acceptable to the Bank i.e. you should not have defaulted for payment of the dues to our Bank or any other Bank.
You should have completed KYC formalities.
You should be having a steady income which is to be verified from Income Tax returns / Salary Certificates.

Are Minors eligible for Credit cards?

Minors are not eligible for Credit Cards.

What are the various types of credit cards?

India card
India Gold Card
International Card
International Gold card
Platinum Privilege card

What types of Billing Options are available to me?

Two types of Billing are available –
Branch Billing cards wherein the bill amount for the usages are debited to the charge account on the due date of bill by the Bank.
Direct Billing card wherein the card holder is permitted to make payment of the bill for his card usages on his own on or before the due date.

What is a corporate card?

A corporate credit card is a credit card issued at the request of a Company/ Firm to their promoters/employees. It will not be in the name of the company. Name of the individual to whom the company wants the card to be issued, will be embossed on the card. Card usages will be debited to Company’s account.

What is the procedure to obtain a Corporate Card?

For issuance of corporate card you should submit the following:
The Board resolution of the company having the following three points mentioned clearly (in case of Company):
To whom it should be issued - with the name and designation Aggregate spending limit for corporate with break-up of limits for each card separately to be given on the card. Any number of cards can be issued as per the choice of the corporate, within overall spending limit.
Undertaking to debit the company’s account towards the usages of the card so issued. (i.e. the charge account of the card is Company’s account and not that of the individual). The company should have earned net profit for last 2 financial years.
Aggregate spending limit should be within 20% of Net profit of the company.
For firms (other than the company) Application should mention the following:
To whom it should be issued - with the name and designation The spending limit to be given on the card Undertaking to debit the Firm’s account towards the usages of the card so issued. (i.e. the charge account of the card is Firm’s account and not that of the individual).

What is the spending limit of a credit card?

The spending limit of a credit card is the limit to which the credit card can be used.

Can I be issued Add-On card on my Principal Card?

Yes, we issue Add-on Cards on Principal Cards.

How many Add-on Cards can be issued?

We issue up to 2 Add-on cards to a principal card.

Who can be an Add-on Card be issued to?

Add-On cards can be issued to close relatives of the Principal card holder such as parents, spouse, major children, brother and sister. Verification of Add on Card Holder’s KYC compliance is to done as well. For Add-On card, the charge account will be that of the Principal card holder. The total limit of the Principal card and Add-on cards should not exceed the spending limit of the principal card holder.

Can the card holder change his address, mobile number and e-mail id as per his request?

Yes. In case of Branch Billing, request your Branch In case of direct billing cards, send your request through mail/e-mail to Card Products Deptt (CPD), HO along with the supporting documents.

What is the billing cycle of a card?

For India Card, the billing cycle is from 16th of the current month to 15th of next month and bill will be generated on 16th and will be dispatched to the card holder before 20th with instructions to pay the bill on or before 6th of succeeding month. For all other cards the billing cycle is from 1st day of the month to last day of that month and the bill will be dispatched on or before 5th of next month instructing the card holder to pay the bill on or before 21st of the next month/

Whether any reward point is there for usages and if so how it can be redeemed?

Yes, there are reward points for usages of credit card. It is calculated at the rate of one point per Rs.100/= spent each month. The points will be accumulated for up to one year. These points will be redeemed @ Rs.1/- per point at the time of renewal and it will be adjusted towards the renewal fees and balance points, if any, will be converted @ Rs/0.50 and will be credited to the card account of the card holder. Apart from this, the card holder can redeem the points accrued at any time as per his/her wish.

What is the procedure of Renewal of credit card?

Annual Renewal – Automatic, until cancellation advised to Bank, 2 months prior to expiry of existing Card For branch billing credit cards, the Card holder needs to collect the Card from his Branch. In case of direct billing the renewed cards are be sent to the card holder directly to the address available on the system.