Eligible customers


High Net worth Individuals, Firms/ Corporate for residential accommodation of their partners/directors, having minimum average gross income of Rs.1crore and above during the last 3 years as per audited balance sheet /IT Returns

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Eligible Quantum of Loan


Over Rs. 5 crore

Geographical Location of the properties/ house/flat to be financed


Metros and Major cities only, i.e. Mumbai/New Delhi & Delhi NCR/Chennai/Kolkata/Bangalore/Ahmedabad/Hyderabad/Pune



25% on pure Value of Property – i.e. on cost of construction /acquisition /renovation /extension etc.,( No other costs such as stamp duty, registration charges, taxes, charges etc., to be added to the cost of property while calculating margin).

Take home pay /DSCR


For Individuals : 25% of the Gross Income ; For Firms/Corporate:DSCR -1.5

Entry Level Norms


For individuals :As per Home Loan Model For Firm/Corporate : As per applicable SBS/MS/LC Model

Rate of Interest

Particulars Rate of interest
Star Home Loan/Star Smart Home Loan/Star Pravasi Home Loan /Star Diamond Home Loan For Women : 1 Year MCLR + 0.15 %
For Others : 1 Year MCLR + 0.20 %

Processing Charges

All linked to Banks MCLR
BOI MCLR 8.70 % w.e.f. 10.12.2018
(All charges are Exclusive of GST)

Star Home Loan/Star Smart Home Loan/ Star Pravasi Home Loan /Star Diamond Home Loan

Floating Category Up to 30 years (CARD RATE)

For Women : 1 Year MCLR + 0.15 %

For Others : 1 Year MCLR + 0.20 %

Star Home Loan/Star Smart Home Loan/Star Pravasi Home Loan :

For Individuals –

For all loans amounts:-

0.25 % of loan amount

Min. Rs. 1,000/- Max. Rs. 20,000/-

For Partnership firms and Corporates:

Processing charges to be double that of applicable to individuals.

For Rural areas:-

Processing charges 75% of that applicable to individuals in respect of loan availed by borrowers from rural branches.

Star Diamond Home Loan

One time processing charge of Rs.50, 000 or maximum as per Star Home Loan Scheme, whichever is higher.

All other norms


As per Star Home Loan Scheme.