The details for Group Personal Accidental Death Insurance Cover under various schemes are as under

Type of Savings Bank Product! Segment Amount of Sum Insured
Diamond Customers (Individual SB Diamond Accounts only) Rs.5.00 Lacs
Star Senior Citizen Saving Bank Account - SB 166 Rs.5.00 Lacs
Jai Jawan Salary Plus Account Scheme - SB 161 & 162 Rs.10.00 Lacs
Star Mahila SB Account - SB 167 Rs.5.00 Lacs
Star Gurukul Salary Account - SB 163 (Special charge code - GURU) Rs.5.00 Lacs
SB Pensioners under scheme code SB-121 Rs.5.00 Lacs
BOI Saral Salary Account Scheme - SB 165 Rs.1.00 Lacs
Star Ratnakar 8achat Salary Account - SB 164 Rs.2.00 Lacs
Pension Aadhar Card Rs.1.00 Lacs
Star Suraksha SB & Star Suraksha SB Plus Account Rs.0.50 Lacs
BOI Star Yuva SB Accounts (up to 21 Years) Rs.0.50 Lacs
BOI Star Yuva SB Accounts ( 21 years & above) Rs.5.00 Lacs
BOI Salary Plus Account - SB 163  
Para Military Forces (Spl. Charge Code 0201) Rs. 10 Lacs
State & Central Govt. employees (Spl. Charge Code 0202) Rs. 10 Lacs
Employees of Public sector Undertakings (Spl. Charge Code 0203) Rs. 10 Lacs
Private Sector Employees (Spl. Charge Code 0204) Rs. 5 Lacs


To claim for settlement of Insurance cover under the Group Personal Accidental Death Insurance Policy, the customer has to submit

Duly filled claim form, Medical Certificate along with the following documents (in original or certified true copies)

  • Claim Form
  • Original First and Final police report.
  • Original inquest panchnama.
  • Certified copy of post-mortem report.
  • Name of nominee.
  • Confirmations from branch confirming above account holder particulars are declared for Personal accident cover.
  • Certified copy of pass book along with date of opening of account
  • Death Certificate.