Target Group


Citizens who have completed 57 years and Senior Citizens who are drawing pension from other Banks



Singly or in joint names. The first account holder must belong to target group

Average Quarterly Balance Criteria


Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) of Rs.10000/-AQB shall be calculated for AMJ, JAS,OND & JFM quarters (for example AMJ stands for April, May, June)

Opening of Account/ Minimum Daily Balance


No Daily Minimum Balance Requirement However customer has to maintain Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) of Rs.10,000/- or above, therefore AQB Clause to apply

Charges for Non Maintaining Average Quarterly Balance


In case of Non maintenance of AQB of Rs.10,000/- Penalty will be levied as under: SB A/cs with cheque book facility: Penal charges: Rs.100/- + GST. per quarter at all centres SB A/c without cheque book facility Penal charges: Rs.60/- + GST. per quarter at all centres

The slab strucutre for levy of penal charges on special category saving Bank Account of non-maitainance of dtipulated balance in the accounts is as follows:

  • Slab I: If AQB in the account falls below 50% of the stipulated AQB,100% of the charges shall be recovered.
  • Slab II: If the AQB in the account maintained 50% and above but less than 75% of the stipulated AQB,75% of the charges shall be recovered.
  • Slab III:If the AQB in the account is maintained 75% and above but less than 100% of the stipulated AQB,60% of the charges shall be recovered.

Charges for excess debit entries in Savings Bank account ATM / INTERNET transactions not to be counted / reckoned

  • Up to 10 Customer induced debit entries a month: FREE
  • Beyond 10 debit entries: FREE (It is charged for other customers)

Personalized Cheque books per calendar year


50 Leaves (Free)

Issuance of DD/Pay slips


6 DD Per Quarter Free if AQB in the preceding quarter is maintained at Rs.10000/- and above else DD charges applicable