• To provide finance for construction of new farm structures on agricultural land owned by the farmer along with storage-cum-godown, parking-cum-garage, shed for multipurpose use connected to farm activities such as bullock/ cattle shed, tractor/ truck/ implement shed, packing shed, farm silos and threshing yard, etc., which serves as dwelling unit with one or more farm structures as aforesaid.
  • Renovation/ repairs of existing farm structures cum dwelling units.


Farmers engaged in agricultural activities/allied agricultural activities having KCC accounts

Quantum of finance

a) New farm structures cum dwelling unit:

Min. Rs.1.00 lakh & max.Rs.50.00 lakh

b) Renovation & repairs of farm structures cum dwelling unit:

Min.Rs.1.00 lakh & max.Rs.10.00 lakh.


Legal/ Equitable Mortgage or as per State Laws of agricultural land owned by the farmer.


New: minimum 15%

Repairs : minimum 25%.


Entire loan to be repaid within maximum 15 years including moratorium period.

Rate of interest

Slab ROI Present Applicable ROI(MCLR @7.35%)
Aggregate limits over Rs.3.00 lakh and upto & inclusive of Rs.10.00 lakh. @1 year MCLR + BSS + CRP 1.50% 9.15% p.a.
Aggregate limits from Rs.10.00 lakh and above but below Rs.1.00 crore (Entry level SBS-5) @1 year MCLR + BSS + CRP 2.25% 9.90%p.a.

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