RSETI (Rural Self Employment Training Institute) is an initiative of Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD). It is a three-way partnership between the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), GoI, State Governments and Sponsor Banks. The Banks are mandated to open at least one RSETI in their lead district to provide training to rural youth to take up self-employment/ entrepreneurship ventures. RSETI program runs with an approach of short-term training & long-term handholding of entrepreneurs. RSETIs are mainly providing training to Rural poor youth between the age group of 18-45 years to make them self-employed. The RSETIs have become established as pioneers in capturing the aspirations of the rural poor youth and turning them into profitable entrepreneurs by training them in the domain and entrepreneurial skills.

RSETI is governed by 3 committees namely,1.National Level Advisory Committee on RSETIs (NLACR) chaired by Secretary MoRD (half yearly meeting), 2. State Level Steering Committee on RSETIs (SLSCR), Principal Secretary (RD), State Govt.(half yearly meeting) and 3. District Level RSETI Advisory Committee (DLRAC), Chaired by DC / CEO of DRDA (quarterly meeting)

NACER (National Centre for Excellency of RSETI) an aegis of MoRD monitoring RSETI through SDR (State Director of RSETI) appointed by MoRD and we are monitoring RSETI from Head Office, Financial Inclusion department through concerned Zonal office & LDMs in liasoning with NACER / MoRD / concerned State NRLM / SLBC

As GOI / MoRD entrusted, we are presently sponsoring 43 RSETIs. Since inception up to march 2023, all our RSETIs have trained approx. 3.07 lakh candidates, out of which 2.20 lakhs (71.83%) have been settled and 1.09 lakh (51.56%) have been credit linked against the national target for settlement & credit linkage of 70% & 50% respectively. As per SOP it is mandatory to impart 70% training to BPL candidates and for which MoRD reimburse the training expenses with respect to BPL candidates.

HO-FI department monitoring all RSETIs directly and through concerned ZO, LDM to ensure compliance SOP/Common Norms Notifications (CNN) in liaising with NACER, NAR, NIRD&PR, NABARD, MoRD etc. There are 61 training programme approved by MoRD under National Skill Qualification Frame work (NSQF) for training at RSETI. Apart from NSQF approved trading courses, RSETI provides training sponsor by NABARS and other Govt. departments.

Our mission is to maximise settlement and credit linkage and to ensure completion of building at remaining places so that to each RSETI have their own building for better functioning and to compliance of SOP. Our endeavour is to make our RSETI a model skilling centre at district level

Ministry of Rural development has awarded “AA” grade to all our 43 RSETIs.

Details of RSETIs managed by our Bank:-

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