BOI Master Bingo Debit Card

  • For Domestic usage.
  • No PIN is required up to Rs.5,000/- per contactless transaction.
  • PIN is mandatory for all the transactions above the value of Rs.5,000/- per transaction. *(limits are subjected to change in future by RBI)
  • Number of contactless transactions allowed per day – Three Transactions.
  • Card holders will get rewarded with Star Points for their transactions at POS & ecommerce.

  • The card can be issued to the youth between the age of 15 To 25 years.

  • ATM - Rs. 15,000 per day
  • POS+Ecom - Rs.25,000

Issuance and Annual Maintenance Charges:

Particulars Charges*
Issuance Charges Rs. 250
Annual Maintenance Charges Rs. 250
Card Replacement Charges Rs. 250