Commodity DEMAT Account Facility

Bank has joined the National Commodity Derivatives Exchange of India Ltd. (NCDEX) as a Depository Participant offering commodity DEMAT account facility through our NSDL as well as CDSL DPOs. While our Stock Exchange Branch is one of the Clearing Banks for settlement of trades in commodities of NCDEX, Bullion Exchange Branch is a Clearing Bank of the Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX), another premier commodity exchange. Traders/members of NCDEX and MCX may join our Stock Exchange branch/Bullion Exchange branch and avail clearing bank facility. With our 3500 plus branches on core banking platform, traders/members of NCDEX and MCX and their clients can avail the internet banking , anywhere, anytime and multi-branch banking, easy payment and remittance solutions across our branches and branches of other banks. Commodity DEMAT’s account facility available with both our NSDL and CDSL DPOs to the member traders and their clients of the National Commodity Derivatives Exchange of India Ltd. (NCDEX)

Bank of India DP Offices: Bank of India - NSDL DPO

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