Bank of India is one of the leading Depository Service providers. With a view to adding value to our banking services and making available the numerous benefits of depository system to our clients, Bank of India has been offering DEMAT/Depository services through both the Depositories viz. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. (CDSL).

Demat Account can be opened by individuals including NRIs, Partners, Corporates, Stock Brokers and Clearing Members of Stock Exchanges with any of our Branches. Our Centralised DP Offices (BOI NSDL DPO and BOI CDSL DPO) is situated in Fort, Mumbai and all our Branches in India (including Rural Branches) facilitate opening of Demat Account.

Distinguishing Features of Demat Account (Star secure Account)

  • No Account Opening charges/No custody fee
  • Competitive Annual Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) which is as low as NIL p.a. to Rs.350/- for Resident Individual Clients as per below: Holding value up to Rs.50000/- AMC is NIL; Holding value Rs.50001/- to Rs.200000/- AMC is Rs.100/- p.m. and Holding value above Rs.200000/- AMC is Rs.350/- annually.
  • Facility of opening Demat Account from any of the BOI Branches, including Rural branches Sophisticated Back Office System for effective customer service through networking of large number of Designated Branches.
  • More than 300 branches (Designated Branches) enabled to provide time critical DP services to clients through DP Secure module (NSDL / CDSL) Clients can submit Delivery Instructions Slip (DIS) to their nearest Branch for execution or they may submit to our Centralised DPO in Mumbai and confirm the same. (DIS is required to be submitted by those clients who do not place their orders through their Online Trading Account)
  • Clients who have opened a Online Trading Account (3-in-1 Account), can buy/sell shares over phone or through Internet. No need to submit DIS separately Statement is sent to all customers every quarter. If there are any transactions in the account, statement is sent every month.

DEMAT Customers can avail “IDeAS” of NSDL or “easi” of CDSL which is offered free of cost. Customers can view their holdings with latest valuation 24x7 by availing this facility. Visit CSDL site ( of NSDL site ( registration. Our Demat customers can view their holdings in one of the following three ways:

  • Customers who have availed Internet Banking Facility - By logging on to our website and through Internet Banking- Demat Section
  • Others by availing the facility of iDeas of NSDL or easi of CDSL, which is offered free of cost By obtaining Statement from our centralized DPO in Mumbai or from any of the BOI Designated Branches
  • Facilities available for our Demat Account holders
  • Dematerialization of physical share certificates Rematerialization i.e. converting electronic holding into physical certificate Safe Custody of DEMAT securities. Instantaneous transfer of shares/securities. Settlement of trade done in DEMAT/ rolling segment of stock exchanges. Pledge/hypothecation of DEMAT securities.
  • Direct credit of DEMAT shares allotted in Public/Rights/Bonus Issues. Auto distribution of dividend through depository system Transposition-cum-DEMAT facility to enable investors to transpose name/s of joint holder/s, along with the process of Dematerialization. An investor can get his/her securities Dematerialized in same account if names appearing on the certificates match with the names in the account even if the names are in different order.
  • Freezing/Defreezing of account facility by which you may instruct your DPO to freeze your Star Secure Account till further notice. This way, no transaction can affect your account without your explicit authorization. Demat Account Opening Forms (AOF) are available with all the BOI Branches. Customers/Branches may also contact over phone or through email our DPOs, HO- SDM or Tie up Brokers for AOF. For downloading BOI NSDL Demat Account Opening Forms click here For downloading BOI CDSL Demat Account Opening Forms click here

  • Account Opening Form (AOF) along with all the enclosures and stamped DP Agreement (Presently the stamp duty for the Agreement is Rs. 100/- ) PAN Card copy
  • Latest Address Proof (Not more than 3 months old). If more than 1 address is mentioned then address proof of all the addresses are to be furnished 1 recent Photograph pasted and duly signed across
  • Cancelled cheque leaf . If cancelled cheque is not available, copy of the Bank Statement, duly certified as true copy by the Bank Manager. (Signature of the customer in AOF has to be verified by the Bank officials and the documents Nos 2 & 3 are to be self attested by the customers and also to be signed by the Bank official as “Verified with the Original”).

A Demat or a Trading Account may be opened in one of the following 5 ways

How to Open a Demat Account/Trading Account:

  • By filling in your details online in one of the below mentioned links. Our representatives would contact you By visiting any of BOI Branches By contacting BOI NSDL DPO/ CDSL DPO over phone or by mail
  • By calling Helpline Nos of our Tie up Brokers By calling BOI HO SDM
  • For opening Demat Account with BOI and Trading Account with Asit C Mehta Investment Interrmediates visit

    For opening Demat Account with BOI and Trading Account with Ajcon Global Services Limited visit

    For opening Demat Account with BOI and Trading Account with GEPL Capital Limited visit

Delivery based Trading: You can take /give delivery of shares based on adequate funds /stocks in your accounts. Intra Day Trading: Reverse/square off your buy/sell trade in the same settlement without having to block additional fund or share for meeting delivery obligation.

Trade Multiple: Leverage your bank balance by trading upto four times the balance available in your bank account on NSE and BSE.

All the Branches of BOI would facilitate opening of Trading Account/Demat Account

Star Share Trade (Online Share Trading) offers the following facilities

  • Bank and DEMAT accounts with BOI are automatically debited and credited
  • Trading is very simple. Either log on to BOI website or Brokers website or place order over phone by contacting their Trading Ph Nos.
  • Clients can trade as many times in as much scrip they wish to on both NSE and BSE
  • For Star Share Trade (Online Share Trading) Services click here
  • DP Services is offered by us at very competitive Rates. For Tariff click here
  • For CDSL/NSDL Charges click here
  • For NSDL clearing Member Charges click here
  • For CDSL clearing Member Charges click here

NRI/PIO Customers of any of the Bank of India Branches can open a Demat Account and avail the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) Services. NRI Customers can make Investments in Stock Market only through the PIS SB Account opened for the purpose. Customers who do not have a SB/Demat Account with Bank of India can open the account and avail the above facility. As per the extant guidelines, the transactions of an NRI are routed through a specific SB NRE Account (repatriable) which is known as PIS Account . All the secondary market transactions are routed through this account and no other transactions are allowed in this PIS Account. For charges and other transactions NRIs may use their existing account. In case the customers do not have any account with Bank of India then two NRE Accounts have to be opened for this purpose.

All NRIs have to obtain approval for Portfolio Investment Scheme from the Designated Branch of Bank of India. The approval is valid for a period of five years and has to be renewed further. All Branches of Bank of India facilitate opening of NRI PIS Account. However, only 3 Branches are authorized to obtain necessary approvals. Other Branches would forward the documents to these 3 branches for opening of PIS Account, Demat Account and a Trading Account. These three designated Branches are Mumbai NRI Branch, Ahmedabad NRI Branch and New Delhi NRI Branch.

NRIs who wish to open a Demat / Trading Account may contact any of the BOI domestic / overseas Branches and submit the Account Opening Form (AOF) and other KYC documents for onward submission. The Domestic/Overseas Branches to forward AOF and other documents to one of the three Designated Branches for further processing. For list of documents to be submitted please refer to the list appended below.

For NRI account opening form Click Here

For SB Account Opening form Click Here