Care Senior

Product Category:- Senior Citizen Health

Salient Features & USP of the product

  • Option to choose sum Insure upto 10 Lacs
  • Affordable premiums
  • No Pre-policy medicals for policy issuance
  • Once a Year Annual Health Check-up for all Insured Members in a Policy Year
  • Automatic Recharge upto Sum Insure for multiple claims not related to same illness
  • Upto 150% No Claim Bonus
  • Maternity coverage available with Si>=50 Lacs
  • No Loading for customers suffering from PED
  • No Pre-Policy medicals upto 65 Years for non-PED cases
  • Choice of Optional Covers to enhance coverage

Air Ambulance

Daily Allowance+ :

Option to choose upto Rs.10,000/- per day

  • Double amount payable for duration in ICU
  • Max 30 Days in Policy Year

OPD Care:

Option to choose upto Rs.50,000 OPD coverage in Policy. This benefit will cover Doctor Consultation, Prescribed Diagnostics and Prescribed Pharmacy

Everyday Care :

Option to add coverage for 1% of SI for Doctor Consultation and 1% of SI coverage for Prescribed Diagnostics. This coverage will be available at our Network service Provider on cashless basis only. Customer will have to pay 20% co-payment on each and every claim

Smart Select :

Get 15% discount on premium by restricting the treatment (Cashless/re-imbursement) at a special Network created for SMART SELECT hospitals. There will be a 20% co-payment on each claim in case treatment is taken outside SMART SELECT network hospitals

Reduction in PED wait Period:

Choose this optional benefit to cover your PED after 2 Years wait period. This optional benefit can only be purchased at the time of first purchase of the policy


Customers at Age 61 can choose to opt for a policy with Co-payment or without co-payment. Customers will get 20% discount on the premium by opting for 20% co-payment in the Policy