Available for All our cbs retail and corporate internet banking customers

The process for e-Payment of Indirect (Central Excise & Service Tax) Taxes has undergone change. The revised steps for the same is as under –

Steps Description
Step 1 Visit NSDL site at https://nsdl.co.in/ and click on the hyperlink - Central Excise & Service Tax (Online System) and click on E-Payment (Central Excise & Service Tax) OR alternatively, visit Central Excise & Service Tax site of NSDL at https://cbec.nsdl.com/EST/JSP/security/EasiestHomePage.jsp
Step 2 Click on the hyperlink (please click here to proceed,) where ‘Bank of India’ figures.
Step 3 Provide your Assessee Code, select tax type (Central Excise OR Service Tax) and also select your applicable accounting codes for tax payment.
Step 5 Verify the details, provided and select ‘Bank of India’ from the drop down against select bank and click on ‘Submit to the Bank’ button to proceed for payment.
Step 6 You shall be taken to the Bank’s Internet Banking site, where you select Retail or Corporate Internet Banking, depending upon the type of facility availed by you with us.
Step 7 Authenticate yourself by giving you Internet Banking User Id and Password, in case of Retail Internet Banking or Corporate Id, Corporate User Id and Login Password in case of Corporate Internet Banking.
Step 8 Give your tax payment details, select your debit account for making tax payment and thereafter click on the ‘Continue’ button.
Step 9 Verify the payment details and provide your User Id/ Corporate User Id and Transaction Password for payment of Tax.
Step 10 On successful payment Challan shall be generated, which can be printed/ saved for future reference.