BOI Super Savings Plus Scheme

  • Scheme available at all CBS branches
  • All those who can open SB A/c can open this a/cs
  • Initial Deposits Rs.20 lakhs
  • Avg. quarterly balance-Rs. 5 Lakhs.
  • Sweep in (Transfer Back to SB/CD A/c from TDR)-Daily
  • Sweep out (Transfer from SB/CD to TDR)-15 days
  • Sweep out Amount-multiples of 15 lakhs
  • Period of Deposit in TDR portion-Less than 6 months
  • Interest Rate-As applicable
  • Sweep in allowed Daily
  • No premature withdrawal penalty in case of Sweep In to meet the SB requirements.
  • All benefits of SB Diamond account scheme shall also be available to these accounts
  • Nomination Facility Available

*Terms & Conditions apply. For further details, Please contact your Nearest Branch