BOI Cgtmse

Eligibility for CGTMSE Coverage:

  • Credit Facilities sanctioned to Micro & Small units defined as per MSMED act 2006, on the basis of investment in Plant & Machineries/Equipment.
  • Credit facilities sanctioned to borrowers engaged in Wholesale trade & Educational/Training Institutes.
  • Credit facilities sanctioned to Agricultural activities such as Fishing, Poultry, Dairy etc.
  • Units under both the sectors viz. manufacturing and Services including Retail Trade can be covered under CGTMSE.
  • Units should be engaged in the activity as approved by CGTMSE for coverage.
  • Maximum Quantum of loan to a single borrower eligible for coverage should not exceed Rs. 500 Lakhs.
  • For loans above Rs 10 Lakhs, Partial Collateral security may be obtained.
  • Term Loan as well as Working Capital (both fund based and non-fund based) can be covered. Composite Loan can also be covered under the scheme.

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